Atlanta Falcons Sign Delrick Abrams as Undrafted Free Agent

Chase Howell

Delrick Abrams Jr. will get an opportunity at the next level with the Atlanta Falcons. 

He will be teaming up in the same cornerback room as forever Buff Isaiah Oliver. 

Abrams comes from a very small town in Louisiana, Angie, which has a population of 247 people. 

He will be the third player in the NFL from his high school and the first since 1989.

After being virtually unknown coming out of high school, Abrams got his shot with Last Chance U's Independence Community College. 

Delrick Abrams Jr. had a sneaky good college career. After transferring from JUCO prior to the 2018 season, Abrams came into his own as a senior with 56 tackles (42 solo) and five passes defended.

Playing in a young, inexperienced secondary, Abrams was often put on an island against opposing teams top receivers. For the most part, he was able to effectively hold his own. However, sometimes his solid play was overshadowed by a knack for getting beat on deep balls - something that likely stuck out in the minds of scouts.

Standing at 6-foot-3, 185 pounds, he has the length that teams crave but may need to beef up to hang with bigger NFL receivers. His frame, range, agility and tackling physicality might make him a more natural fit at Safety.

He had an interception at the Hula Bowl, an all-star showcase for graduating seniors. He’ll definitely need some seasoning, but has the traits and potential to turn into a solid, durable, defensive back.

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Check your story, there was a player by the name of Perry Brooks from the same town that went to 2 Superbowls.

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His story is correct. Delrick is the 3rd person from our school Varnado High to go to the nfl. Brooks came from Wesley Ray High which is Wesley Ray Elem now.


I really don't think you comprehended what I stated. Did I say his story was incorrect? Did I mention the name of a school? However, the writer did mention the name of the town. I would think that people who are Angie proud would want the world to know that a small town doesn't defined you nor does it stop you from your dreams that can happen if you want them. Maybe he didn't know how to incorporate another school. The small town that Abrams comes from was combined with other high schools in the surrounding area in 1974. Since combining the schools, he is the 3rd player to achieve his dream of signing as an UDFA with the Atlanta Falcons. However young man, you are Washington Parish/Franklinton/Varnado/Bogalusa and most of all Angie Proud! #CONGRATULATIONS!