Air Force Could Totally Ruin This Season for Colorado

Tully Corcoran

Mel Tucker is saying this is no trap game, and the Colorado players are saying all the right stuff, but still: Air Force could totally ruin Colorado's season.

The Falcons have a reputation for doing that sort of thing. Since coach Troy Calhoun took over in 2007, they've beaten Notre Dame and played close games with Oklahoma, Michigan, Michigan State and Minnesota. 

Colorado (2-0) is living a bit of a charmed existence these days, with everything turning up roses so far. Clearly, the Buffaloes are good enough to make a bowl game, possibly a pretty good one. But Saturday's game against Air Force is just the kind of game that often haunts teams like Colorado at the end of the year. 

No matter what CU says about how good Air Force is and no matter how well the players truly understand what a tough program Calhoun has installed there ... this is not Nebraska, and everybody knows it. 

What it is, however, is a triple-option team, which is notoriously difficult to deal with if you don't deal with it all the time. Michigan found that out last week in a double-overtime win over Army. 

Further, CU is just a three-point favorite, so this is expected to be a battle. Just one thing, though: Air Force has lost six in a row to power five teams, so Colorado should be fine ... unless it isn't.