Duke at NC State: Gameday Open Thread


Duke takes its seven-game winning streak back on the road to face NC State at PNC Arena in Raleigh. The Blue Devils have dropped four of their last six games against the Pack in Raleigh, despite being the higher-rated team the majority of the time. Duke also had a fifth loss at PNC Arena, to Mercer in the first round of the 2014 NCAA Tournament, so the trip will definitely have coach Mike Krzyzewski's full attention.

The Blue Devils are fully healthy. Cassius Stanley, who missed Saturday's game after getting poked in the eye in pregame, is seeing clearly and participated in pregame warmups without incident.

State finds itself on the NCAA bubble yet again and in search of a signature win to impress the selection committee. Duke certainly would fit the bill. The Blue Devils are the first of two top-10 teams State hosts this week. No. 8 Florida State follows on Saturday.

There are intriguing matchups inside and out. Duke freshman big man Vernon Carey will go up against the ACC's leading shot blocker in Manny Bates, who averages three swats a game. D.J. Funderburk will also provide trouble in the paint as State will look to double up on Carey.

Meanwhile, at point guard, two of the conference's best will be going head to head. Tre Jones has stepped up as a top scorer for Duke while underscoring his case as one of the nation's top defenders after helping hold Notre Dame's T.J. Gibbs and Rex Pflueger scoreless last time out. State's Markell Johnson is the ACC's assists leader and one of the leaders in steals.

Mike Eades leads an officiating crew that includes John Gaffney and Brian O'Connell.

Your starters: Vernon Carey Jr., Cassius Stanley, Jordan Goldwire, Tre Jones, Matthew Hurt. Duke is 6-2 with that lineup.

State lines up with Markell Johnson, CJ Bryce, Devon Daniels, DJ Funderburk, Manny Bates.

State with four quick points. DJ Funderburk has been playing without a shoe since the first possession of the game. A foul gives him the chance to lace back up though.

Matthew Hurt picks up his second foul, 2 minutes in. He'll go to the bench. State up 10-1.

Duke has missed its first five shots, while State is 5-of-7.

As we go to the under 16, Duke is down 10-2 and the arena is rocking. Duke now 0-for-6 from the field and 2-for-4 from the line. State is driving the lane. Eight of its 10 points have been in the paint.

Duke puts together a 5-0 run to cut it to 14-9. Defense has adjusted to State's penetration. Blue Devil offense is still a little shaky.

State out-scrapping Duke for rebounds and loose balls right now. Leads 16-9 as we go to the under 12.

Carey, who has struggled with physical defenders and double teams this year, is 1-for-6 from the field.

State came to play. Markell Johnson hits a three to put the Pack up 25-13. Out hustling and out-working the Blue Devils right now. Johnson hits another three and its 28-13. Duke is 5-of-22 from the field.

Under eight comes at the perfect time for Duke, who is just reeling right now. 28-15 Pack.

Duke has played 10 guys so far to 8 for State, but the Blue Devils look gassed. Everything is short at the rim. State up 31-17. For the second time, two Blue Devils battle each other for a defensive rebound and lose it out of bounds. State responds with a three. It's now 34-19.

Only thing working for Duke right now is coast to coast drives to the basket. Moore has two, Goldwire one, Stanley one.

DeLaurier scores and gets fouled. Will shoot the and one after the under 4 timeout. State up 36-25

Duke shooting 32.4%, 1-of-7 from three, 2-of-6 at line. 

Moore picks up his second foul in frustration after State out-fights Duke for another offensive rebound.

Very bad couple of minutes for Moore. Two turnovers after picking up his second foul, the latest gives State a layup. 39-25, Duke calls time with 1:57 to half.

Markell Johnson hits from half court to put an exclamation point on the half. State up 44-29 and Duke is lucky to be that close. Blue Devils got hit in the mouth early and never recovered.

Stanley is 1-of-1, Moore is 2-of-4. Every other Blue Devil has missed the majority of his shots. Duke was 13-of-37, 35.1% in the half, 1-of-7 from three.

Point guard matchup:

Markell Johnson: 15 points, 6-of-9 from field, 3-of-3 from three, 6 rebounds 2 assists, 0 turnovers, 1 steal

Tre Jones: 8 points, 3-of-9, 1-of-2, 6 rebounds, 0 assists, 2 turnovers, 1 steal.

Moore replaces Stanley to start the second half for Duke.

Manny Bates picks up his third foul for State 40 seconds into the half. Carey misses both free throws. Duke is 2-of-9 from the line. State drives, scores and is fouled at the other end. Score is now 47-29.

Hurt misses two from the line. Duke is now 2-of-7. State drives and scores at the other end. 49-29. Coach K and the staff are all sitting down, silently. They're going to let Duke wear this beating as a learning experience.

Under 16, Duke is down 57-34. Came out of the locker room with the same energy as in the first half and State handed it to them.

Duke on an 11-2 run to cut the lead to 14. State calls time out. 59-45, 12:27 to play.

Bates, just back into the game, picks up his fourth foul as Carey scores. (He missed the FT. Duke is now 4-of-14.) We go to the under 12 with Duke trailing by 12, 59-47.

And after the under 12, Bates gets his fifth. He's done for the night.

Duke cut it to 11, but Johnson hit his fifth three (without a miss). Duke got it to 12, Funderburk had a three-point play. State getting big shots when it needs them to hold off this Duke run.

State ran the shot clock down, then Daniels drove, drew and dished to Funderburk for a dunk. State up 17, 69-52 at the under 8.

State again runs down the clock, then drives to the rim and Funderburk tips it in. Duke has had trouble with penetration all year, but State has gashed them. Wolfpack is giving a blueprint to Duke's NCAA tournament opponents.

Funderburk picks up his fourth foul. 5:01 to go. State up 75-56

Moore gets drilled by a screen for the second time this game. No communication on defense for Duke tonight.

We hit the under four with State up 83-60.

Court rush time. State beats Duke at PNC, 88-66

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