David Cutcliffe Evaluates How He's Doing at Playcaller


David Cutcliffe decided to take on the additional role of calling plays for the offense this season. In the first two games, the Blue Devils have struggled to put up points. So Cutcliffe is evaluating the job his new playcaller is doing with a critical eye. He’s also asking his staff to provide feedback.

“I really asked our coaches to be really critical in anything they feel or see,” Cutcliffe said. “You kind of get in rhythm. You have to feel comfortable with it. I felt good for the most part in South Bend and again (Saturday). Again, with some of things we worked on all week long got pushed to side, we’ve got to respond better. We have to adjust and change on the run better. I’ve got to get better, plain and simple. We can and will. Then we have to take care of the ball.”

Cutcliffe is looking at ways to better support quarterback Chase Brice.

“Chase, I’ve got to put in a better position,” he said. “I think the temptation he’s got to resist is trying to force plays. You can make plays, and he’s a playmaker, but you can’t force plays. We’ve got to do better job of having the receiver and quarterback on the same page. We get a lot of work against man coverage with our own defense, but not near as much with zone (which Boston College played). It’s hard to simulate it when young players play it against you (in practice). I don’t think we did a good enough job with that simulation to help him. We will get better off across the board, no question. He’s got a lot of ability. He’s tough. He’s got to be on that bubble of when you take care of the ball.”

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We all love(ed) ole Coach Cut but enough is enough, how many games, weeks, years can he say the same stuff. Got to take a look, got to assess, please like I said we loved Cut for taking a terrible program and making it competitive. Won the coastal in 13 and messed the bed in 14 and 15 when at worst shoulda had 2 out of 3. Then what selling out the entire Duke team especially Shaun Wilson, to keep his so called QB guru title by going all in w Jones. Great he got drafted high but he didn't win any games what 12 in 3 years, that's terriable but cut had to try feature even though there weren't any receivers to throw to. The kid was good when they ran in middle a bunch and then he could fly around end. But for some reason Cut has dropped the R out of RPO. Cut has forgot about the Stable, he has forgot what what made Duke start winning. Which was running the ball alot and it would set up a misdirection or trick play usual at a opertune time. Mean while playing sound bend but not break defense, that would usual get a turnover. A good special teams game. Thats just out the window from kicker to punt returner. Honestly the team is so undisiplined, doesn't have any fundementals, looks lost out there really.I mean get some damn assistances who actually have coached before the schemes r just atrocious, what little scheme it is. Like I said they wet the bed in 14 and 15 had a losing record since, how long does it take to look at to assess.