Quentin Harris: Looking forward to UNC down the line


Quentin Harris tried to give the cliché answer when asked if he has any ACC games circled on the calendar, but a rivalry is a rivalry.

“Nothing in particular,” he said. “ACC games are always tough, especially the next game, at Virginia Tech, Friday night, should be a fun atmosphere.”

Still, there is one game…

“You always love rivalry games, too,” he said. “So we’re looking forward to UNC down the line.”

Harris said that, with ACC play starting, the freshmen wide receivers don’t need to do anything different, despite the familiar opponents.

“Just keep doing what they’ve been doing,” he said. “They picked up the offense quickly, which is not an easy task. It’a a pretty complex offense, expecially with receivers with certain reads and running routes against certain coverages. Just don’t be overthinking things, rely on their instincts and they’ll be ready for anything we have the rest of the way.”

Three games in, teams now have tape on the receivers and Harris as a starter, which will help them to come up with defensive schemes to stop them. However, Harris said the team doesn’t need to do anything to change its approach.

“We need to be focused on being ourselves, being the best Duke we can be and operating at the highest level,” he said. “Plus we’ll be getting some guys back in the mix who have been injured. So I think our offense is pretty versatile.”

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