Could Former Gators QB Kyle Trask Become Long-Term Option for the Saints?

The New Orleans Saints are in the hunt for a quarterback following the retirement of hall of fame quarterback Drew Brees. Could former Gators quarterback Kyle Trask be a long-term option?
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Throughout the entirety of the pre-draft process, there have been five quarterbacks that have risen to the top. Trevor Lawrence (Clemson), Justin Fields (Ohio State), Zach Wilson (BYU), Trey Lance (North Dakota State) and Mac Jones (Alabama).

There's one quarterback that has been grossly overlooked, however, and that's former Florida Gators quarterback Kyle Trask, someone who might become a long-term option for at least one NFC South team.

According to a report from ESPN's Jeremy Fowler, the New Orleans Saints are a team to watch when it comes to selecting Trask, a player they may find to be a long-term option following the retirement of Hall of Fame quarterback Drew Brees. According to Fowler, they "like" Trask.

Last year, Trask took the college football scene by storm. While he earned his first starts during the previous season, he was finally heading into a season as the clear-cut starting quarterback, perhaps for the first time in his athletic career. He went on to accomplish plenty, including being perhaps the most prolific passing quarterback in Florida history.

Trask would go on to complete 301 out of 437 of his passes for 4,283 yards, 43 touchdowns and eight interceptions. Trask also became a Heisman Trophy finalist. While the season for the Gators ultimately ended in disappointment, his season will forever be remembered in Florida history.

"I mean you're going to get a guy who is going to prepare himself every single day to be ready to go play," Gators head coach Dan Mullen said of Trask following its Pro Day last week.

"And I think it's amazing, you look at his story, he sat the bench here for a while and then he got the call, but he didn't get the call in the beginning of the game. We gave him the call at the end of the third quarter of a game that he had to lead us back to victory in

"And he could have not prepared for that. But he was. He was prepared for that moment. You're getting a guy that is going to prepare himself to be ready to play and lead your team to victory every single week. That's what a pro is and that's what he will do."

The Saints currently have capable quarterbacks on its roster. Jameis Winston, a former No. 1 overall selection and Taysom Hill, a hybrid quarterback who plays multiple positions in its offense. If Trask is selected, there's no reason to believe he would be the day-one starter, and he probably wouldn't be.

While Trask is capable of waiting, and being ready when called upon, that's not exactly his goal.

"All I know as a competitor, you can never just be complacent and say 'Oh I'm gonna sit behind this guy for a year and then go.' If you have that mindset then you're probably gonna get left behind," Trask noted following Florida's Pro Day.

"So, my mindset's never gonna change, it's always gonna keep the foot on the gas, compete with whoever's in the building."

In Sean Payton's offense with the Saints, Trask would enter a very quarterback-friendly environment. He'd be able to sit back and learn the offense while entering a team that has plenty of pieces in place for him to succeed.

While Trask's draft slot has not yet been solidified, it is possible he will be selected on Day 2 of the NFL Draft, and the Saints might be one of the teams vying for his services the most.