Florida Should Win Every Game the Rest of the Season


All of the ingredients are there. 

Florida is a more complete football team than anyone they face in its next five games. The Gators are immensely more talented than every team left outside of Georgia and perhaps Florida State. 

When it comes to those two schools, let's save the better squad for last and discuss the Seminoles first, then get to the Bulldogs.Yes, FSU is in the same ballpark, or perhaps better, talent-wise than the Gators. But just watch the 'Noles play literally ever, does it matter?

No, it doesn't. 

Willie Taggart has proven himself to this point to be a poor excuse for a head football coach. No game in his tenure that has been even slightly meaningful has gone well, or even just OK, for Florida State. FSU teeter-tots between playing mediocre football against bad teams, and embarrassing football against good teams. 

You could argue that FSU in some ways is the most important game left on the schedule, because the Gator fan base would all but riot if Florida were to somehow drop that game in Gainesville. But, you're more likely to peak outside your window and see pigs flying around then you are to see the Seminoles outscore the Gators in their annual game. 

Georgia is more interesting. It takes further explanation to tell you why Florida not only could, but should leave Jacksonville victorious. 

The 'Dawgs are way more talented than Florida. Like, it's not even close. Every offensive lineman that starts for UGA was a 5-star recruit coming out of high school. The Gators don't have a 5-star on the entire roster. 

But, the coaching on the orange and blue side is so much better, that it will make up for the talent gap, and then some.  I don't mean to say that Georgia coach Kirby Smart isn't a good coach. 

Wait, yes I do. 

I have been on this for over a year now: Smart has never proven he is a good in-game coach. Show me the game where the talent level of both teams was somewhat close and Smart's Bulldogs won the game. That game does not exist. 

Smart only wins game where the talent is absurdly stacked in his favor. He does not make good in-game adjustments, and he clearly does not handle personnel management well, just ask Justin Fields. The Gators are talented enough, and have such better coaching, that I argue that they walk into the World's Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party as the team that should win for the first time since 2016. 

Missouri is the other game that you certainly can't guarantee. Especially since it is in Columbia, Missouri. Kelly Bryant is playing good football under center for the Tigers and they actually sit in first place in the SEC East right now, since Florida and Georgia's lone-losses came to SEC foes and Missouri's came against out-of-conference Wyoming. 

However, if that game were to be played 10 times, Florida probably emerges the winner eight or nine times. I only see the Tigers winning in that off chance that it is that one time, where Kyle Trask throws and early pick-six or something. 

So, in conclusion: UF does not lineup across another opponent for the remainder of regular season football that is a top-to-bottom superior football team. The Gators should earn a trip to Atlanta and should conclude the season at only one loss. 

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Beat Lsu.. War DAMN Eagle


Great story with some excellent points ! Hopefully when the Gators run the table it will help fill the needs of recruiting and allow for two deep top of the line players on UF's roster !


This article is poorly written. Can you guys do any better? While I agree with some of the points, it reads arrogantly.. and I've seen better from High school writers.

Gator Maven