This is far from a surprise. With concerns about the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) growing as it spreads across the country -- and globe -- the Atlantic Coast Conference has decided to cancel the rest of its championship basketball tournament. 

Florida State, the regular-season conference champions, were set to tipoff their quarterfinal matchup against Clemson when the call was made-- to no one's surprise. The cancelation came in the wake of basically every other conference calling off its tourney as well, with the notable exception of the Big East (at least as of publication). And really, the Big East playing -- in New York City, of all places -- is beyond surprising. 

Here's the release from the ACC:

As stated, the Seminoles will officially represent the conference as its champion in the NCAA tournament-- if that isn't canceled as well. There's video of FSU being awarded the championship trophy below-- it portrays a rather somber reaction to the events transpiring. 

Update: The Big East has now canceled its tournament as well.