Tracking ACC Players to Opt Out of 2020 Football Season

Keeping you posted on which conference players have decided against participating, including several Seminole foes.
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The coronavirus pandemic has introduced some new terms into our everyday lexicon. Social distancing. Masking up. And now, from college football: opting out.  Of course, that refers to players who've decided not to play in the 2020 season—a growing list. 

Across the Atlantic Coast Conference to which Florida State belongs, several players have already decided not to participate in the fall campaign. These abstentions, so far, have affected nine ACC squads, and they've certainly altered the Seminoles' schedule, as five of those teams are 2020 'Nole opponents. And four of the players who've opted out are SI All-ACC preseason selections (they're italicized). You always hate to lose a player, but you've gotta respect these players' decisions, and compared to the stars some programs are going to miss for the coming season, Florida State has been relatively fortunate thus far, as the 'Noles who've opted out provide valuable depth but aren't necessarily game-changers like some schools will be without. 

Let's take a look at which conference players have opted out, with FSU opponents in bold. Be sure to check back here, as we'll update this list as more players make their decisions as to whether or not they'll suit up for the 2020 season.

Florida State:

  • DE Jamarcus Chatman
  • DT Dennis Briggs, Jr. 

Georgia Tech:

  • OT Devin Cochran


  • DE Greg Rousseau

North Carolina:

  • DB D.J. Ford
  • CB Bryce Watts
  • CB Javon Terry
  • OL Tristan Miller


  • DT Jaylen Twyman


  • LB Brandon Hill
  • RB Myles Hudzick
  • OG Jacob Rimmer
  • LS Ben Wyatt


  • DL Cooper Dawson

Virginia Tech:

  • CB Caleb Farley

Wake Forest:

  • WR Sage Surratt

Teams that have yet to have a player opt out: Boston College, Clemson, Louisville, NC State, Notre Dame, and Virginia.