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ACC Standing Firm on Holding Fall Football Season-- For Now

The latest on an ever-changing landscape.

The writing on the wall that may have once seemed illegible scribbles previously is quickly becoming large block lettering: the 2020 college football season is very much in jeopardy, due to the coronavirus pandemic that continues to ravage the country. 

In the FCS, the Ivy league, SIAC, and SWAC have already called off their fall sports schedules, and now the MAC and Mountain West conferences have done the same in the FBS. And the Big Ten and Pac-12 are expected to do the same soon. Across the country, the prospect of fall sports, revised schedules or not, appear to be fading significantly. 

Still, the ACC seems to be pushing forward-- at least for now. A recent report from CBS Sports has the details:

A murky day for college football got a bit brighter for those who hope to see the sport on the field in 2020 as an ACC official told CBS Sports on Monday said the conference "absolutely" intends on playing this fall. The comment from a high-ranking source within the league came after an ACC conference call with athletic directors and a similar call involving university presidents.

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"We are trying to move forward [with playing] absolutely," the ACC official said.

Though that is the sentiment throughout the league, the official does not expect the ACC to make a definitive announcement either way on Monday.

The day started with expectations that the Power Five might go dark this week. Big Ten presidents are meeting Monday night with the expectation that conference's season will ultimately be canceled.

"I don't know if there is a drop dead time period [to decide]," the ACC official said. "We don't start play until Sept. 12 as a league."

Of course, the conference will have to make a decision well before the proposed kickoff date, and we'll have information and analysis for you as the situation develops.