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Compare: FSU Football's Offer Graphic to Every Other P5 Team

Let's talk optics and appearances.

August 1 is an interesting day on the college football recruiting calendar, as it's the first day programs can extend official scholarship offers to prospects. These come in all different looks, and our national SI recruiting hub, Sports Illustrated All-American, recently took a look around the country and assembled the offer graphics from every single power-five team in the land. Be sure to click over and check out the other approaches, but let's take a look at the Seminoles' style.

Here's my take. First, I like the less-is-more approach here. A lot of schools try to cram in the entire offer letter, but I don't think doing so is necessary in this format. It can be communicated separately, and the whole goal here is appealing optics, not penning a novel. 

Speaking of minimalism, I'm also appreciate of how Florida State didn't try to put too much into the image. It's not too busy. The background, ostensibly, is garnet, but includes a faint image of Doak Campbell Stadium at night, with the recruit's likeness framed by exploding fireworks. But is it a tad too faint? Along those lines, I'm wondering if perhaps the player's name shouldn't be featured a bit more prominently. 

The symmetry here is appealing, as the player, his name, and the logo are all centered, making for a strong, straightforward look. But aside from the faded stadium in the background, what about this says football? The cap-and-gown pic is a novel concept, but in an era in which kids love uniforms (see: Oregon), is this a wiser move than having the prospect in an FSU uniform?

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