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FSU Pressing Forward with Football, Big Ten, Pac-12 Cancel

All eyes on the Big 12.

The sports landscape continues to shift on a daily basis, but Tuesday has been more seismic than most. Mere hours before the event, FSU announced a collegiate sports roundtable, and the Seminoles welcomed Florida Governor Ron DeSantis to discuss the state of athletics. 

The broad takeaway, at least for now, is that DeSantis, Florida State President John Thrasher, and FSU Athletic Director David Coburn feel comfortable moving forward with the college football season, as planned. DeSantis was pleased with the safety protocols on campus in Tallahassee, and so, for now anyway, it's full steam ahead.

But it may not be up to just the ACC, given the interrelated nature of college sports. Earlier today, the Big Ten canceled its fall football season entirely, and the Pac-12 quickly followed suit-- both will try to play in the spring instead. Then you've got the ACC and SEC looking to press forward. 

Which shifts all attention to the Big 12, which is meeting tonight. That conference is essentially the swing vote in this equation; it's difficult to see the FBS playing in the fall if most of its conferences aren't in action. I mean, could you really crown a national champion between just two power conferences? For that matter, would it be fair to do so with the Big Ten and Pac-12 absent? Moreover, do we need to have a national champion? We didn't have one in basketball. Maybe the conferences that do play -- if any still take the field -- could just focus on conference titles. 

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