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More on How FSU Football Fan Policy Could Look Come Fall

New prospective protocols aim for safety-- but are they realistic?

Tuesday was an eventful day in the run-up to the 2020 college football season that was canceled for certain major programs. The Big Ten and Pac-12 have called off fall sports, while the ACC, SEC, and Big 12 appear ready to give it a go

How, specifically, could that look for the Seminoles' home games at Doak Campbell Stadium? We're finding out a little more every day. Last week, we learned that the 'Noles were looking to limit fan attendance to 20-25% of capacity

How would that work? A fan every four or five seats makes sense, until you consider the dozens of rows of seating. So while fans may be distanced from those to their left and right, what of others ahead and behind them? Even staggered, the six-foot barrier seems to breakdown pretty quickly. And what of those from common households? Moreover, how do you ascertain who does and doesn't live together, and whom can be seated where?

Today, more proposals were released (and yes, that is a shot of Boston College, not Florida State).

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Distancing is (somewhat) covered by the aforementioned diminished attendance, and it's one thing to attempt by marking off seats in the stadium. But what of the other common areas? The concourses, vendors, and restrooms. And that's just inside Doak. What's to be done about tailgating? If a fifth to a quarter of the normal number of 'Noles are inside the stadium, will that necessarily quell the crowds of Seminole supporters who still want to celebrate autumn Saturdays in Tallahassee outside of Doak?

The wearing of masks seems smart, but again, how is this to be enforced? Is policing masks realistic? It's one thing to check that people have them when entering, but how will FSU make sure fans are keeping them on throughout a three-hour game, in the south, in September?

Similar questions persist about staggering admission. Exactly how early will some be required to enter? And what about when the game ends, and everyone is looking to leave at the exact same time?

Of course, this whole situation is evolving constantly, and we'll keep you abreast of developments as they occur.