NCAA Likely to Recommend 6-Week Preseason Football Camp

More information as to what a return to the gridiron may resemble.
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The last big news we had from the NCAA, regarding a restart to college football preparation ahead of the 2020 season, came a week ago (but what is time, anymore?), when it voted to allow campuses to reopen for voluntary on-campus workouts in June. We voiced our concerns about just how that might be implemented, and now it looks like the land's collegiate governing body is ready to take another step to see players back on the gridiron to prepare for the 2020 campaign. 

But we're not there yet. The final decision on this action is still a couple weeks down the road. 

Of course, a lot can happen between now and then. After every state has reopened to one extent or another during the coronavirus pandemic, it will be imperative to see how the numbers look as the weather warms and a new normal continues to take shape across the country. 

Whenever we do return to football, this sort of gradual re-entry is encouraging to see. College athletics aren't just something you jump back into, let alone football. Sure, young student-athletes are purportedly working out on their own from home, but we all know that, across an 85-man roster, not everyone is getting the same kind of professionally regulated workout as he would under the oversight of a collegiate strength and conditioning program. 

The return to game play, however that winds up looking, will require a return to the weight room and practice field first. And it seems like that's exactly what this six-week period is requiring.