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As you now know, the NCAA has shut down all athletic activities in a response to the worldwide COVID-19 outbreak. That obviously includes all games, as well as practices. But another important -- and critical -- part of that measure was a cessation to in-person recruiting as well. 

And for an obvious reason: recruiting efforts bring coaches and staff from schools across the country in and out of living rooms all over the nation. Of course, programs are still free to communicate with prospects, but the face-to-face meetings that play such a large part in a recruit's decision are on hold for now. 

 According to our Pat Forde, these schools have already received a Notice of Allegation (NOA):

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  • NC State
  • Kansas
  • Oklahoma State
  • USC
  • TCU
  • South Carolina

And these programs are likely to get NOAs in the near future:

  • Louisville
  • Alabama
  • Arizona
  • LSU

A couple other schools that have probably received NOAs, but have neither confirmed nor denied that: Creighton and Auburn. Check out Forde's complete article by clicking here.