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The Florida State Seminoles saw an uptick in players selected in the draft in the 1960s, thanks in part to an improvement on the field. Head Coach Bill Peterson led the team to a 55-38-11 record for the decade, which included four bowl-game appearances. The 'Noles saw 20 players selected in the NFL Draft over this 10-year span, up from 14 in the 1950s. For perspective, fellow Tallahassee, FL college Florida A&M University produced 5 more draft selections in the decade (25), which is remarkable when you consider how far FSU has come since then.

Let's take a look at who the 'Noles in the Pros were for this period:


Round 19, Pick 255 by the Washington Redskins-- Tony Romeo, Tight End: While drafted by the Redskins, Romeo never played in the NFL. Instead, he played 7 years in the AFL, for the Dallas Texans and the Boston Patriots, amassing 1,883 yards and 10 touchdowns in his career.


Round 18, Pick 243 by the St. Louis Cardinals-- Don Donatelli, Center: Played in the UFL, ACFL, and COFL for 9 seasons.

Round 20, Pick 267 by the Washington Redskins-- Ed Trancygier, Quarterback: Did not play professionally.


Round 8, Pick 104 by the Green Bay Packers-- Keith Kinderman, Running Back: Played 3 season in the AFL for the San Diego Chargers and Houston Oilers, before an ACL injury forced an early retirement. 


Round 12, Pick 161 by the Los Angeles Rams-- Red Dawson, Tight End/Defensive End: Signed with the Boston Patriots of the AFL instead, where he played 10 games. Played one season with the Orlando Panthers of the COFL.


Round 3, Pick 39 by the Detroit Lions-- Fred Biletnikoff, Wide Receiver: The most notable 'Nole of the decade, Biletnikoff was also drafted in the second round of the AFL Draft by the Oakland Raiders, where he signed and played 14 seasons. After a very successful college career, Biletnikoff followed it up with 589 catches, 8,974 yards, and 76 touchdowns for the Raiders. After catching 4 passes for 79 yards and 3 touchdowns in Super Bowl XI, Biletnikoff was named MVP of the game. He finished his playing career playing in the CFL for the Montreal Alouettes. He's one of four Seminoles in the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

Round 16, Pick 224 by the Baltimore Colts-- Steve Tensi, Quarterback: The Colts were led by Johnny Unitas (maybe you've heard of him) at the time, so Tensi opted to sign with the San Diego Chargers of the AFL, who drafted him in the 4th round. Tensi spent 2 seasons in San Diego, before being traded to the Denver Broncos, where he would play until he retired in 1970. Tensi threw for 5,558 yards and 43 touchdowns in his professional career.


Round 9, Pick 131 by the Washington Redskins-- Jack Shinholser, Linebacker: Nicknamed "The Wrecker," Shinholser was also drafted by the AFL's Oakland Raiders and was inducted into the FSU Hall of Fame in 2007.

Round 12, Pick 184 by the Green Bay Packers-- Jim Mankins, Running Back: Also drafted by the Miami Dolphins of the AFL, and later played for the Atlanta Falcons. After his NFL career, Mankins played in the CFL for the Ottawa Rough Riders and Edmonton Eskimos, where he finished his career.

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1967 (First Post-Merger Draft):

Round 3, Pick 79 by the New Orleans Saints-- Del Williams, Center: Played for the Saints from their inaugural season in 1967 until 1973. He appeared in 92 games.


Round 6, Pick 142 by the Miami Dolphins-- Kim Hammond, Quarterback: Played in 6 games professionally for the Miami Dolphins and the Boston Patriots. He completed 15 of 32 passes for 147 yards in his pro career.

Round 7, Pick 183 by the San Diego Chargers-- Lane Fenner, Wide Receiver: Member of the Chargers for one season.

Round 12, Pick 312 by the Philadelphia Eagles-- Thurston Taylor, Tight End

Round 14, Pick 368 by the New York Giants-- Bill Moreman, Running Back 

Round 17, Pick 455 by the Cleveland Browns-- Wayne McDuffie, Center

Taylor, Moreman, and McDuffie did not play professionally, joining the workforce instead. 


Round 1, Pick 6 by the Boston Patriots-- Ron Sellers, Wide Receiver: The highest NFL draft selection for FSU to date, "Jingle Joints" played in 5 seasons professionally for the Patriots, Dallas Cowboys, and the Miami Dolphins. He recorded 112 catches, 2,184 yards, and 18 touchdowns over his 52 game career. 

Round 3, Pick 72 by the Cleveland Browns-- Chip Glass, Tight End: Glass played 5 seasons in Cleveland, and 1 in New York for the Giants. He gathered 642 yards on 34 catches, of which 5 were touchdowns.

Round 4, Pick 97 by the St. Louis Cardinals-- Bill Rhodes, Guard: Did not play professionally.

Round 7, Pick 176 by the Cleveland Browns-- Walt Sumner, Defensive Back: Played 6 seasons professionally in Cleveland.

Round 12, Pick 297 by the Miami Dolphins-- Dale McCullers, Linebacker: McCullers played one season for Miami.

The link for the 50s draftees is included in the open, and be sure to check out 'Noles drafted in the 1970s as well, along with those taken in the 1980s. And then there's the more recent guys: