FSU AM: Cam Akers Draft Projections, Myron vs. the Coronavirus, & NCAA Recruiting Violations

Shawn Allen

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Where will Cam Akers go in the draft? One helpful prognostication is where other Seminole Running Backs have gone in the past. David Visser looks through the historical markers to see what might be in store for Akers on Draft Day.

COVID-19 is dominating the news, as it should. Even better are the stories of people helping each other, including medical professionals and their fight to save lives. One such story is Myron Rolle. The former Florida State DB turned Rhodes Scholar and medical student and now medical resident is on the front lines. Read about how he is fighting to save Coronavirus patients.

ABC: Always Be Crootin'... except in a world wide pandemic. The NCAA has put a ban on most contact with recruits, especially personal visits and phone calls initiated by football programs. Yet, some in the college football world don't seem to be playing by the rules. To quote Captain Renault from Casablanca, "I am shocked." 


SI's Pat Forde reports that the NCAA has served Notice of Allegations to several schools for violating said 'crootin ban.


You know who is almost as bummed out as the basketball players and coaches by the NCAAT being canceled? Joe Lunardi. It's his time to shine. But don't worry, he is simulating the tournament on his twitter account, and he has the Noles stealing the Flyers glass slipper to make it to the Final Four.

VOTE FOR COACH HAM as Naismith Coach of the Year!


Global Golf Post wrote a feature on Amanda Doherty, the best golfer for the Women's team. It's insightful to Doherty's leadership as she takes the mantle of Senior.

I'm really enjoying the Noles Golf Twitter account. This past week they have listed off the successful golfers in Florida State history. It's been a delightful and instructional daily read.