All Seminoles Podcast: Schedules, Signings and Sitcoms

Mike Settle

Last week, us here at All Seminoles released the second episode of the “All Seminoles Podcast” which you can find on Spotify and Apple Podcasts.

The three man booth was back and there was a lot to touch on. This was a longer episode than normal but having too much to talk about could never be a bad thing. 

Some of the topics discussed in this episode:

  •  The ACC’s new schedule format 
  • Could that be permanent?
  • FSU’s schedule
  • Notre Dame’s place within the ACC
  • Protecting Tobacco Road
  • The future of the UF game
  • the #1 ranked basketball recruiting class in the country, John Butler and Naheem McLeod.
  • The overall impressive state of the basketball program
  • A college football player’s union and Covid outbreaks/coverups at Rutgers and Colorado State
  • Johnathan Isaac’s injury and career so far
  • Cam Akers
  • Ron Simmons making professional wrestling history
  • the ACC’s Olympic sport roll out
  • As always We end with some non-sports things and have a fun game over overrated/underrated

Going forward the show will feature editor David Visser and writers Dustin Franklin and Mike Settle. Of course, you should always check out all the articles featuring the topics on this website but we hope you subscribe and listen on whatever platform you use for podcasts.

We are excited to bring this show to you at least weekly but hopefully a football season will bring more episodes. As always check back here every week to find the links and ways to listen to the All Seminoles Podcast.

You can find episode 3 below or on Spotify and Apple Podcasts!