Every Throw From FSU Commit Luke Altmyer at Elite 11 Pro Day

David Visser

Florida State quarterback commit Luke Altmyer turned heads at this week's Elite 11 event. By now, you know that well, as we've outlined his final rankings across each event, as well as providing an interview the future Seminole was good enough to give to Sports Illustrated after the event in Nashville concluded. 

That interview has raised some brows around the 'Nole fanbase, as real concerns have emerged about the possibility of Altmyer, perhaps, performing a little too well, and thus becoming the focus of other program's recruiting efforts as well. The foremost school rumored to be trying to flip him from FSU: Alabama. 

And when you check out his film, it's hardly a stretch to see why the Crimson Tide may be after him. The film running presently includes every throw from day two of the Elite 11, also known as Pro Day (one of the events ranked in the link above). Altmyer has made significant strides with his footwork, and that translates up through his body. He moves his hips and shoulders efficiently through his progressions, so before he even decides to throw, he's ahead of the game. 

When he does deliver, Altmyer's motion is impressive. He has a smooth release, and the ball really pops off his hand. He's off on some short timing throws, but that can be a chemistry thing with unfamiliar receivers-- and, not to assign blame, but he doesn't exactly get a lot of help from his targets. More indicative of Altmyer's talent: his deep passes. He throws a catchable ball, the kind that leads receivers and sets them up to succeed. 

Simply put: there's a lot to like here, and the 'Noles need to fight to keep Altmyer in the fold.