FSU AM: Reviewing Blackout Tuesday

Dustin Franklin

Normally, this is where we would talk about everything that's happened in FSU athletics over the last 24-hours. Normally, I would take a stroll across campus events, and make sure the reader is all caught up on every possible sport happening in 'Nole Nation.

However, Tuesday was no normal day.

What started as a message from the music industry to reflect upon the passing of George Floyd quickly evolved into something bigger. The idea was to "pause" and not release any new content. "Pause" from social media. "Mute" the outside world. Simply reflect on the tragedy, and honor his memory. Several music artists posted a simple blacked out image, and some accompanied it with a message of coming together, or even the hashtag #BlackLivesMatter.

This idea sparked a showing of unity across the nation, and even the world. Soon you had actors, executives, writers, models, athletes, and everyday people joining in on the movement in what can only be described as a moving and powerful show of solidarity. 

FSU athletics were no exception.

This cause is bigger than any athlete or coach. It's bigger than any team. Bigger than a game, university, position, or career. 

After multiple FSU football coaches spoke out about social injustices and the need to heal as a nation, Tuesday brought about a showing that it can be done. 

In what was affectionately known as #BlackoutTuesday, countless individuals with FSU ties came together to share their thoughts, their believes, and their hopes that we can indeed one day become a united nation.

Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, and all other forms of social media were flooded with the simple, yet effective image. I chose a few at random, but there is no shortage of Florida State athletes, coaches, administrators, alumni, and fans showing their support for such an important cause.