FSU’s Cam Akers Projected To Be A Top Rookie RB

Mike Settle

Cam Akers was a second round pick in April’s NFL Draft, and he found himself as the replacement for Todd Gurley out in Los Angeles. Going into the draft, it was difficult for some to know just how good Akers would be at the next level. We’ve documented his offensive line woes at FSU and his own shortcomings before, but we agreed that his upside is high. 

We aren’t alone in the high expectations for Akers anymore. Pro Football Focus put out its top-three rookie running back projections, and a familiar name was on it. 

This list takes the players' college statistics and combines them with which team they landed on. It’s not a surprise to see Johnathan Taylor and Deandre Swift as the other two running backs in the projection.

The Rams’ offensive line will likely be the best one that Akers has ever run behind, and the passing game has weapons to open up the field for him. So his having a breakout rookie season in LA should really come to the surprise of no one.

Is it possible the being second is too low? That remains to be seen, Taylor gets run behind a talented offensive line with guys like Quentin Nelson blocking for him. But if the Rams can recapture the offense they had just two seasons ago, Akers could be even better than the PFF numbers say he will be. Not that we're here to snooze on either Taylor or Swift though. 

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David Visser
David Visser


But as far as talent goes, I'll take Swift.

David Visser
David Visser


Yeah, regarding the teams on this list, offenses, and weapons, Akers may just be in the best position.