Report: FSU-Great Bobby Bowden Recovering After Hospital Stay

David Visser

Hospitalization doesn't often result in happy endings for most nonagenarians, especially in the age of COVID-19. But Bobby Bowden isn't most 90 year olds. 

Per the Tallahassee Democrat's Jim Henry, the legendary Florida State football coach was recently admitted to Tallahassee Memorial Healthcare after one of his calves swelled to twice the size of the other. But after four days, Bowden has been discharged, and is currently recovering at home with his wife, Ann.

Henry isn't reporting this as a coronavirus-related issue, as of now. And while the hospitalization has certainly been a challenge to the Bowden family, Bobby certainly isn't unfamiliar with those. Nor has he typically cared what names they've taken. 

From being a young man stricken by rheumatic fever in Alabama to his humble head-coaching beginnings at South Georgia State College and Howard before he took the reins at West Virginia, Bowden faced all comers. 

Then came his time at Florida State. And again, like the condition from which he's now recovering, Bowden never cared about his foe's name. He just had one objective—and that was to win. And yet again, he's proven successful in that endeavor. 

If you thought Bowden was done winning when his coaching career came to an end when he authored a comeback win over former employer WVU in the 2010 Gator Bowl, then you don't know Bobby Bowden. 

That game may have seen the end to his years of calling the shots. But this fight proves that he still knows how to win. And do so, as he's always done, with class—and humility. As Henry quoted Bowden following his latest upset victory: "Getting old ain't easy."

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David Visser
David Visser


Here's hoping.


Get better Bobby!