FSU Makes Top 5 for Blue-Chip OL: Scouting Report

Dustin Franklin

A massive blue-chip offensive tackle from Gadsden, Alabama named the Seminoles among his top five destinations on Tuesday, as Rod Orr (6'7", 296 pounds) released his finalists.

The two-sport athlete is a composite four-star prospect, and currently holds 29 scholarship offers, and is a Sports Illustrated All-American candidate. 

SI All-American recently provided an in-depth scouting report of the talented recruit:

Frame: Tall with wide and broad shoulders and long arms. Big torso. Above-average lower base with thickness in thighs.

Athleticism: Solid snap quickness and body urgency from a 2-point stance. Good upper-body strength and a strong grab at the point. Occupies with size and strength. Has movement ability to climb to the second level with balance athletic ability to adjust and get a good fit on ‘backers.

Instincts: Uses a 45-degree pass set on edge. Mirrors well when engaged post-grab and shows fair anchor strength in his trunk. Executes a good seal with solid 1-hand inside punch on back-side rollouts. Can be nasty in the run game with good physicality.

Polish: Classic grab-style right tackle who works from a 2-point stance. Performs some zone concepts with emphasis on man/gap-scheme work. Must improve bend in stance and refine bucket step. Also needs to improve hand-placement/punch accuracy while syncing feet at collision points.

Bottom Line: Orr is an imposing lineman who can be a menace for edges in the run game. He likes contact and has a strong grab at the point of attack. The Alabama native is solid in tight space in pass-protection and mirrors fine when engaged. Look for Orr to stick on the right island at the next level.

No decision date has been set as of yet, but check back with AllSeminoles.com for your latest developments.