FSU Sports Social Media Coordinates Mass Thank You to Health Care Workers

David Visser

By now you've seen the footage. It began in Europe: in Italy, in Spain. Citizens, confined to their homes, opening their windows and taking to their balconies to show their support of health care workers' tireless efforts against coronavirus. And now it's become a common occurrence in New York City, the epicenter of COVID-19 in the US: applause, shouts of encouragement, and waving flags, every night at 7 pm.

We all want to show our support for those risking their own lives to help save others. But it can be easy to feel like we don't have a voice. Well Florida State athletics definitely have a voice, and today they employed their social media to sound off with a coordinated and unified show of appreciation for those on the front line of this pandemic.

It came first from the main @Seminoles account as a response to a tribute from Twitter itself on #WorldHealthDay, but individual 'Nole sports accounts fell into lockstep and tweeted the same support, some within seconds. If you were on Twitter when it happened, as I was, it really was something to see these scroll through your feed and essentially take over the platform in an outpouring of support. 

Check it out:

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That is so amazing!