Comparing Jameis Winston's New Salary to Other NFL QBs

David Visser

Quarterbacks Cam Newton and Jameis Winston have a few things in common. They each won a Heisman Trophy in college. They each did so while leading their respective universities (Auburn and Florida State) to a national title. And they were each No. 1 overall NFL Draft selections. Now, they can add a more dubious claim to their commonalities: each are paid less than about 50 other NFL quarterbacks. 

Both Newton and Winston are waiting to take their first snaps with new teams, having just left the franchises that made them top picks. Newton isn headed from Carolina to New England, while Winston switched NFC South squads, moving from Tampa to New Orleans. 

However, while Newton is projected to start for the Patriots, Winston is presently listed as QB3 in New Orleans, behind Drew Brees and Taysom Hill. Yet their salaries are remarkably similar. Newton will make $1.75 million this year, while Winston will earn $1.1 million-- that ranks them 49th and 57th, respectively, with regard to average annual salary. Check out the top 60--it's crazy to see some of these names above a player like Winston who was drafted first just six years ago:

  • Russell Wilson, SEA, $35M
  • Ben Roethlisberger, PIT, $34M
  • Jared Goff, LAR, $33.5M
  • Aaron Rodgers, GB, $33.5M
  • Kirk Cousins, MIN, $33M
  • Carson Wentz, PHI, $32M
  • Dak Prescott, DAL, $31.409M
  • Matt Ryan, ATL, $30M
  • Ryan Tannehill, TEN, $29.5M
  • Jimmy Garoppolo, SF, $27.5M
  • Matthew Stafford, DET, $27M
  • Tom Brady, TB, $25M
  • Drew Brees, NO, $25M
  • Philip Rivers, IND, $25M
  • Derek Carr, LV, $25M
  • Alex Smith, WAS, $23.5M
  • Teddy Bridgewater, $21M
  • Taysom Hill, NO, $16.3M
  • Jacoby Brissett, IND, $15M
  • Marcus Mariota, LV, $8.8M
  • Kyler Murray, ARI, $8,789,661
  • Baker Mayfield, CLE, $8,170,745
  • Nick Foles, CHI, $8M
  • Tua Tagovailoa, MIA, $7,568,860
  • Sam Darnold, NYJ, $7,561,929
  • Mitchell Trubisky, CHI, $7,258,106
  • Daniel Jones, NYG, $6,416,014
  • Case Keenum, CLE, $6M
  • Tyrod Taylor, LAC, $5.5M
  • Ryan Fitzpatrick, MIA, $5.5M
  • Josh Allen, BUF, $5,295,760
  • Josh Rosen, MIA, $4,399,439
  • Chase Daniel, DET, $4.35M
  • Patrick Mahomes, KC, $4,106,447
  • A.J. McCarron, HOU, $4M
  • Dwayne Haskins, WAS, $3,604,153
  • Deshaun Watson, HOU, $3,463,570
  • Jordan Love, GB, $3,095,863
  • Andy Dalton, DAL, $3M
  • Jeff Driskel, DEN, $2.5M
  • Lamar Jackson, BAL, $2,367,912
  • Colt McCoy, NYG, $2.25M
  • Nathan Peterman, LV, $2.133M
  • Robert Griffin III, BAL, $2M
  • Matt Barkley, BUF, $2M
  • Nate Sudfeld, PHI, $2M
  • Matt Schaub, ATL, $1.89M
  • Drew Lock, DEN, $1,752,704
  • Cam Newton, NE, $1.75M
  • Chad Henne, KC, $1.625M
  • Joe Flacco, NYJ, $1.5M
  • Ryan Griffin, TB, $1.45M
  • Cooper Rush, NYG, $1.25M
  • Mike Glennon, JAC, $1.1875M
  • Blaine Gabbert, TB, $1.1875M
  • Geno Smith, SEA, $1.1875M
  • Jameis Winston, NO, $1.1M
  • Brian Hoyer, NE, $1.05M
  • Brett Hundley, ARI, $1.0475M
  • Sean Mannion, MIN, $1.047