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The Chris Parson Journal: Chapter One

Florida State quarterback commitment Chris Parson joins NoleGameday for a monthly journal that will detail his journey throughout his senior season and give fans an inside look at his life. Let's get started with Chapter One.

NoleGameDay is thrilled to announce that we will be hosting 2023 quarterback and Florida State commitment, Chris Parson, throughout the offseason and his senior year as he gives us an inside look at what it's like to be a national recruit. Parson will be updating NG monthly before he heads to Florida State.

In the first installment, Parson details why he committed to the Seminoles, growing up a fan of the program, his family ties, the coaching staff, and his most recent visit to Tallahassee.

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What’s up everybody, this is Chris Parson, class of 2023 and quarterback commitment. I committed to Florida State back in July of 2021 after visiting and being offered in June. I’m excited to do this journal with NoleGameday to give you fans an inside look into my senior year before I head to Tallahassee.

The reasons behind me committing to Florida State, it has been my dream school since I was a kid. I had a family member play at Florida State, you might know him as Seminole legend Terrell Buckley. It was a great fit for me, as far as having a good relationship with the coaches and also seeing myself as a good fit in coach Norvell’s offense. 

The day before my commitment, I told all of the schools in my top list that I’d be calling the school that I was committing to the next morning. I was heading to practice and I facetimed Norvell, he answered right away. We were talking for a little bit and then I let him know that I was coming home and committing to Florida State. You could see the smile on his face and he let out a big yell while at ACC Media Day. Coach Norvell was one of the coaches that were recruiting me heavily from the jump, a lot of coaches jumped on the bandwagon, but coach Norvell scouted me my freshman year and started recruiting me my sophomore year. He took a chance on me before many schools did. The weather isn’t too bad in Tallahassee either.

I’m really big on close relationships, family, and loyalty. That all tied into Florida State. When I came on my visit in June and the whole staff came out to welcome me, I knew this was somewhere that I could definitely see myself. I came back to Tallahassee this past weekend and the experience was even better than the first time I visited before I committed. I arrived at the Moore Center around 10 a.m., just like the first time, the coaching staff was out there waiting for me and the first person to greet me was coach Tony Tokarz. My guy just got promoted to quarterback’s coach and we’ve been building a better relationship since he got promoted and getting the chance to chill with him in person for the majority of the day made me feel good about what’s in store.

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We started the day off with a campus tour with my guy and 2023 wide receiver, Tyler Williams. I got to chill with him for a minute as we were checking out the campus. We got back from the tour and spoke with some people on the staff about NIL and academics. After that, I got to do a photoshoot and video shoot, it was dope. I got to put on the garnet and gold set, black visor, that was dope. I got to do multiple video shoots, if you haven’t seen it already, go check out my Instagram.

After the shoots, we went to get some food at Hobbit. My brother, David, and I went with coach Tokarz and coach Alex Eleyssami, the food was dope and it was to spend some time with them. Following that, we got a chance to holler at AJ Duffy in his dorm. He met me out front at Champions and took me up, AJ is good people and a real cool guy. We talked for a minute and he was just telling me how it’s been since he got to Florida State in January and how much of a difference it is living in Florida compared to California. Leaving from AJ’s, coach Tokarz and I went back to the school, we got to his office and got on the board and watched some film. I took a lot of notes, coach Tokarz did a really good job of explaining the offense. When we walked out of the meeting, we got to watch the end of the Florida State vs. Syracuse basketball game with coach Woodson, coach Haggins, and coach Johnson. Heading back into coach Tokarz’s office, he took the opportunity to sit down with me and watch my little league highlights from my childhood. I thought that was pretty cool and it brought back a lot of memories. 

One of my favorite parts of the day was sitting down with coach Norvell in his office. I sat in the same seat that I sat in the first time when I was at Florida State before I committed so I thought that was awesome. It was a great time, coach Norvell emphasized that he was proud of me and that he can’t wait to coach me in the future. That meant a lot to me!

To conclude this journal for the month of January, I wanted to finish this by letting ya’ll know that I’m 100% locked into Florida State. As I’ve said countless times, I won’t be visiting any other schools throughout my senior year and I don’t care what anyone on social media has to say about it. At this point, with the new year starting, I’m just focusing on getting better, finishing my senior year strong, and getting to Tallahassee.

I’m excited to keep this thing going and I’ll be dropping another journal in February. Stay tuned!

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