Visit Update: Georgia's Version of Fab Five

Georgia has a handful of official visits going down on campus this weekend. We here at Dawgs Daily bring you an update on the Fab Five in Athens.

Anyone familiar with college basketball knows the Fab Five. 

The 1991 Michigan recruiting class is considered one of the greatest recruiting classes of all time in the sport. They were the first team of all-freshman starters to make the finals of the NCAA tournament. The Fab Five took the basketball world by storm and were superstars both on and off the court. 

No one would invoke that legacy lightly, but five UGA targets are trying to take that mantle during their official visits to Georgia.

Recruiting is about relationships, and the bonds players make during the recruiting process can heavily influence where guys end up. Classmates from 2022 quarterback Gunner Stockton, running back Branson Robinson, tight end Oscar Delp and receivers Kojo Antwi and De’Nylon Morrissette seem to have become fast friends during their official visit to Georgia this weekend. The group appears to be inseparable based on their recent social media chatter, and they have started calling themselves the Fab Five.

While some might shy away from the lofty comparison, if any group of recruits can claim that title, it would be this one. Antwi, Delp, Morrissette and Stockton represent some of Georgia’s most elite prospects in the 2022 class, and Robinson has a solid case to be considered the best player from Mississippi. That is an elite group of players and Georgia would love to land all five of them. Luckily for the Dawgs, they already have commitments from Morrissette and Stockton.

According to sources, the vibes around the visits are at an all-time high. Head coach Kirby Smart has pulled out all the stops, from the red lights inside the stadium for official visit photos with all of the players and their position coaches to a banquet-style dinner featuring steak with former Georgia quarterback DJ Shockley as a guest speaker. 

It's been an incredible start to a pivotal weekend for this offensive group. 

Also on campus for their official visits are defensive lineman Dani Dennis-Sutton and offensive lineman Addison Nichols. 

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