2019 NCAA Football: Odds for National Championship and Heisman

Brooks Austin

Vegas has released the odds for the majority of the season's first games coming on the way in September (P.S. UGA is a 24.5 point favorite on the road against Vandy), but today we are focused more on the National Championship odds, as well as the Heisman trophy potential winners.


National Championship

We will start with the number one priority across the country and that's the odds for the National Championship. 










Ohio State


So, as should be expected, Bama and Clemson are sitting atop the odds. Though, UGA is a narrow runner up in the eyes of Vegas, as they were last season. But what's it all mean for The Georgia football team? Nothing really, other than the fact that for the second year in a row Vegas believes in this UGA football team. 

Some other notable odds from the list were LSU at 20/1 and Auburn at 30/1. And for your daily dose of Gator hate, they are all the way down at 45/1. Teams like Oregon, Nebraska, and Texas all have a better shot at winning the title than Dan Mullen's squad. 


There are two obvious candidates from The University of Georgia this season beginning with their commander, Jake Fromm. In what is presumably his last season in Athens, Fromm will be supported by an incredible run game and will have to establish chemistry with new weapons after seeing his receiving corps depleted by the NFL. 

Then there's D'Andre Swift, who is, in my opinion, the nation's best back and he's running behind the nation's best offensive line as well. Sam Pittman's recruiting presence is has been paying dividends already, but this season more than most in the past because of the dominance and depth of the front. 

With that being said, let's take a look at what Vegas thinks of our Damn Good Dawgs. 

Player (Position/School) 

Trevor Lawrence (QB Clemson)


Tua Tagovailoa (QB Alabama)


Jake Fromm (QB Georgia)


Jonathan Taylor (RB Wisconsin)


D’Andre Swift (RB Georgia)


Travis Etienne (RB Clemson)


Sam Ehlinger (QB Texas)


Jerry Jeudy (WR Alabama)


A.J. Dillon (RB Boston College)


Rondale Moore (WR Purdue)


If one things clear to you by the end of this article, it's that the Vegas oddsmakers love Alabama and Clemson, and until UGA proves they fully belong in the conversation by winning that National Championship and by having a Heisman trophy winner, it's reasonable that Clemson and Bama players sit atop this list as well. 

That being said, UGA's two guys have some of the best odds in the country, and if you truly believe this is Georgia's year I think these are some pretty great bets going on here. 

Let's just say, for hypothetical purposes, you were to wager 10 bucks on Georgia to win the Natty, 10 bucks each on Jake Fromm or D'Andre Swift to win and Heisman, and boom you've got a smooth $145 when two of the three inevitably hit, because let's be honest, this IS the year, right? 

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I like that D'Andre swift at +950, That's easy money