2019 UGA Football: Georgia's backfield is loaded with a group of talented friends

Brooks Austin

RB D'Andre Swift breaks through the hole against Murray St. 

The running backs room at the University of Georgia is arguably filled with more talent than any other position group in the country. Thus, making it really hard to get everyone their necessary touches. 

It would be very easy for these young men to have a sense of disdain for one another considering all four of them, D'Andre Swift, Brian Herrien, Zamir White, and James Cook would fight for starting playing time on any other roster in the country. But opposite is the case in Athens. 

D'Andre Swift spoke about the relationships that all four backs have made during their time at Georgia. "We are real close, nobody has an ego in that room. We all really just want to see each other win. I think that's what's really best about this group." 

And if you watch the way these guys interact with each other on game days, Swift isn't faking it when he makes those comments. You can see the genuine excitement they all have for each other when one of them breaks off a big run or scores. 

The depth and talent that Georgia possesses at the running back position is unparalleled in the sport right now. The four backs hold an average composite score of .9518 and that's with Brian Herrien being vastly overlooked coming out of high school. 

For comparison, Alabama's starters have an average of .9337 composite score, and Clemson has a score of .8940. 

Through two weeks of football, the four horsemen for UGA (Swift, Herrien, White, and Cook) have 55 carries for 487 yards and 6TD's. That's an average of 8.8 yards per carry. 

Credit a lot of that to the offensive line though too, there's been plenty of gaping holes through the first two weeks of the season. But, for ultra-competitive men like the ones in Georgia running backs room to be as selfless as they are, it speaks volumes about the type of leadership this football team possesses. 

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Brent Wilson
Brent Wilson

This backfield is very special. I’ve never seen a group 5 deep with that amount of talent before.