Lawrence Cager Thanks the Fans of Georgia for Support

Brooks Austin

Lawrence Cager came to the University of Georgia as a graduate transfer and someone that had already played a lot of college football, having played in 25 collegiate games prior to his arrival in Athens. 

Before he went down with the season-ending ankle injury in practice last week he was Georgia's leading receiver in every meaningful statistical category. It was evident that this Georgia offense desperately needed his services tonight against LSU in the SEC Championship. 

Cager spoke to the media after the game and took a minute to thank the fans of Georgia. 

Cager first spoke about the decision he made to come to Georgia, and what it meant to him to be a Georgia Bulldog: 

"I love it. I loved every minute. I love this team, it's my favorite team I have ever played for. I love Coach Smart, coach Coley, coach Hankton. It's an amazing program and I couldn't ask for anything better." 

When asked if he had anything to say to Georgia fans as he departs for his next chapter, Cager said: 

"I just thank them. Being a kid from Baltimore, and to come here and when you make plays and people see that on T.V. and you have the support that you have, for me and the team it's amazing." 

I also asked Cager what can Georgia's offense do to get better in the near future. Cager responded:

"I think we just got to keep chopping every day. That's our motto for the whole team. If we keep getting better every day and every week, then the sky is the limit."