College Football Playoff Rankings: Georgia remains at Four Headed into Texas A&M

Brooks Austin

For the second straight week, the Georgia Bulldogs have come in at the fourth and final College Football Playoff spot following their win over Auburn. 

Though the road win against a solid Tigers team is their best win to date, there simply was nowhere for the Bulldogs to go with the top-3 teams remaining undefeated. 

Here's this week's CFP Rankings Top-10: 

  1. LSU Tigers
  2. Ohio State 
  3. Clemson 
  4. Georgia 
  5. Alabama 
  6. Oregon
  7. Utah
  8. Penn State
  9. Oklahoma
  10. Minnesota

With everyone in the top-10 of last week's College Football Playoff Rankings winning, there wasn't much room for alterations within the rankings. Everybody, for the most part, did their job. Don't you worry though, there are fireworks around the corner...

Questions still to be answered: 


The College Football Playoff Committee has told us since the beginning that key injuries are one of the many determining factors that go into the CFP rankings. So, with one of the best quarterbacks going down, we all wondered what would happen to Alabama's CFP hopes. 

We got somewhat of an answer tonight, with Bama staying at five. But can they hold off the rest of the seemingly healthy one-loss teams? Even if they win at Auburn next weekend. 


Can Oregon and Utah both make it to the Pac-12 championship game with just one loss? Oregon has to play Arizona State and Oregon State to end the season. Utah has Arizona and Colorado remaining.

Assuming the winner the Pac-12 championship game is a battle between two 11-1 football teams, does the committee look at that as a de facto play-in game?


It's arguable that Georgia's road win over Auburn was last weekend's highest quality win in college football. Though discussions are to be had for Oklahoma overcoming a 21-point halftime deficit - on the road - against a previously unbeaten Baylor Bears team. But they didn't exactly vault up the rankings this week. 

If Oklahoma wins the Big 12 convincingly and gets some help out of the SEC, can they leapfrog a one-loss Pac-12 champion? As of this week, it doesn't look like it. 

Ogio State Coach, Ryan Day

Ohio State

Ohio State has by far the toughest remaining schedule. After facing just one Top-15 opponent in the first ten games, they play Penn State and Michigan to close out the season. Then they will draw whoever comes out of the Big Ten West, which looks to be Minnesota. 

Could Ohio State survive one loss with their remaining schedule as long as they win the Big 10? Or are they in "win out" mode like everyone else except LSU?

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Honestly, the team that worries me the most is Ohio State. While they don't have as many quality wins as Georgia or LSU, they certainly look like the most complete team in CFB. Sure, LSU can hang 50+ on any team they play, but they also allow nearly as much from their opponents, and LSU hasn't faced a defense like Georgia. This gives me hope in the SEC Championship Game. Georgia's defense has not allowed more than 17 points to any opponent this season (I can't count a Field Goal in overtime as points being allowed. Even with a loss to Georgia in the SECCG, LSU will go to the CFP. There is no question. But can Ohio State expect the same treatment from the committee should they lose? No, and I solely attribute that opinion to their schedule. So barring complete chaos, you can more than likely expect some variation of the current top 4 to make it to the CFP.


I don't think there's anyway they can allow OU to jump Oregon if they win out. One loss to Auburn or One Loss to K-State?