Georgia Has Found its Balance

With offensive coordinator Todd Monken, a quarterback that creates fear from a defense and a solid running game, Georgia has found its balance.
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Georgia has figured out how to use quarterback JT Daniels, and that should have every defensive coordinator awake with nightmares for the foreseeable future. Credit is due offensive coordinator Todd Monken and his staff. They have an uber-talented quarterback who struggled at USC, in part due to coaching. At Georgia, Daniels has displayed improved mechanics, which has improved his play.

When at his best, Daniels appears to be a top quarterback in college football. He can march the offense up and down the field in seconds. His arm talent is unparalleled, and when he puts it all together, there is no stopping him.

However, the problem is getting him to his best. Daniels was erratic at best under previous coaching at USC, but Monken has shown that he can scheme Daniels into the game. Early in both games against Mississippi State and South Carolina, Georgia has not asked him to do too much. 

They ran the ball, threw quick screens and found explosive plays through the air without asking him to do that much other than giving his wide receivers a chance.

Daniels' success has everything in the world to do with him. He is the one who has to make the difficult throws, not turn the ball over, and as a result, is setting the nation on fire. Most important, he's forcing defenses to play with a lightened box thanks to fear of the passing attack.

There is a formula developing for how to play with Daniels. If he continues to play like this, there is a distinct possibility he could leave for the NFL Draft after the season. If so, that would mean he enters the pros with 16 starts on his resume. Not a great sample size, but enough for NFL coaches to know what to do.

As for the present, if the Bulldogs can run the ball the way they did Saturday, Daniels’ job becomes incredibly easy. The holes were gaping, and the offensive line put forth their best effort to date, although credit goes to Daniels for putting fear into the defense and forcing them to respect Georgia's passing attack for the first time in quite a while.

Ease him in. Give him completions, yardage and first downs. Let him see team success before he sees personal success. If the team can follow that formulas and Daniels returns for his redshirt junior season, Georgia could have the most dangerous offense in the country. With Monken directing everything and the different ways they can attack with Daniels in a rhythm, there is no stopping them.

Enjoy the ride Georgia fans. You could be looking at the best offensive coordinator-quarterback pairing in recent Bulldogs history.