WATCH: Brock Vandagriff Wins Accuracy Gauntlet at Elite 11

Brooks Austin

In what we are calling the Elite 11 Accuracy Gauntlet, quarterbacks are required to throw eight different throws from four different stations, cycling back through each station twice with a different type of throw at each one. 

The first round requires quarterbacks to take more traditional drops while attempting to throw the football through Elite 11 rings dispersed throughout the indoor facility at Oakland high school in Murfreesboro, Tennessee. 

The second round through, they are required to throw everything on the run. Which really exposed almost every athlete in attendance. Every quarterback except Brock Vandagriff. 

He crushed the workout, finishing with a time of 1:43. No other quarterback had a time below 2 minutes. I asked him after what the hardest part of the drill was, and he mentioned that it wasn't exactly the cardiovascular impact, but the fatigue in his arm. 

Now, when I asked other quarterbacks about the drill, all they talked about was how dead they were. How their legs felt like jello, and they couldn't focus on their drop. Not Vandagriff, he actually was smiling midway through the workout, something he credits to his hard work during the quarantine. 

Here's the full footage from the event. 

"Uh, it was pretty good. I mean, I think I would probably just credit my conditioning during the quarantine. People were just given out and my legs were a little tired. But I mean, in the end, you've got to be mentally tough and if the balls dropping, you got to put some more oomph into it I guess." - Vandagriff on the accuracy gauntlet

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