Kirby Smart Discusses Jake Fromm's Impact on Stetson Bennett, Updates QB Room

Brent Wilson

Georgia's bye week is over, which means the Bulldogs will be fine-tuning their focus toward playing Kentucky Saturday.

After Georgia's loss to Alabama, the quarterback position has become a prime topic of discussion, and rightfully so. The Bulldogs were blanked in the second half, with some of that falling on the shoulders of Stetson Bennett's performance.

Still, Bulldogs head coach Kirby Smart believes in Bennett moving forward.

On how much Stetson Bennett benefited learning from Jake Fromm's off-the-field preparation:

"I think it helped tremendously. Coach [Todd] Monken and those guys, our offensive staff, have put together a plan for the quarterbacks that might not be the same as Jake's [Fromm] in terms of weekly preparation. 'Monday I am going to watch this. Tuesday I am going to watch this. Wednesday, I am going to watch this.' All of the quarterbacks, besides Stetson, they all come in and watch those things. That is a position that requires a lot more in terms of dedication and time commitment. Jake did a great job of doing that, but these guys now are all doing it under a little different protocol."

On the quarterback battle:

"We are always evaluating guys. It doesn't change. You guys can keep asking the questions, but we are always evaluating guys at quarterback, and they are always trying to get better, grow their game. Stetson is still repping with the ones, taking reps. We got other guys reps and that's what you try to do in an off week. You try to grow your team and get them better. But at the same time, we are trying to create continuity and get better as a team and a unit. You don't base your season on one game, you base your season on what gives you the best chance to get better, and that's what we're trying to do. We're trying to look at it as, 'What are we trying to do to get our team from point A to point B?' That's growth. That's competition. Every position has that. It doesn't change at quarterback. It's what you need to get better and what we are going to continue to do this week."

Based on Smart's statements, it sounds like Bennett will be the quarterback moving forward. 

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No. 1-1

Great, another QB situation Kirby is butchering. Mathis needs another shot and KY is the perfect game for it. Their offense is putrid and frankly should struggle to score against us at all. Mathis should play more than Bennett this game to see if he is learning and has progressed. It seems like JT isn't gonna be healthy enough to play, so if Mathis can show he has progressed he should get a long look to start again. The offensive ceiling is much much higher with him at QB.