Georgia Football: Tight Ends Put to Use in Blowout Win Versus Murray State

Brent Wilson

UGA fans showed up on a hot one Saturday in Athens

Georgia Football has generally always had talented guys at the tight end position. But, they're mostly used in a blocking role due to Georgia's gameplan to run the ball. 

However, that doesn't seem to be the case here with the offense under James Coley.

In the 63-17 win versus Murray State, we saw graduate transfer, Eli Wolf come down with 4 receptions for 73 yards. Redshirt freshman, John FitzPatrick also came down with a grab for 22 yards. 

Last year at Tennessee, Eli Wolf had only 5 receptions for 30 yards. He's got 5 grabs for 84 yards already this season. 

The other big factor is Coley is allowing Fromm to throw across the middle more, where tight end routes usually run through.

Let's take a look at the tight end numbers in 2018 versus the on-pace totals for 2019.

It should also be noted the 2018 tight end room was deeper in terms of talent compared to 2019's group, and that's not a knock at these guys at all.

Georgia Tight End's in 2018: 43 receptions, 584 yards (14 games)

Current Pace for Tight Ends in 2019: 60 receptions, 847 yards (15 games)

That's a significant increase for the tight end position, and even bigger considering that Wolf and Woerner are the only two primary options at this spot. 

All of this now makes sense as to why Georgia is in a great position to land 5-star tight end, Darnell Washington, and potentially pair him with either 5-star Arik Gilbert or 4-star Theo Johnson. 

We'll monitor where these three guys decide to play college football. In the meantime, watch offensive coordinator, James Coley and tight end coach, Todd Hartley keep pushing the tight ends to "do more" in the offense in 2019.