Kirby Smart Press Conference Following Win Over the Auburn Tigers

Brooks Austin

Following Georgia's win over the Auburn Tigers, Kirby Smart addressed the media in his postgame press conference. With a closing quote, you're going to want to see. 

Here are the highlights from Kirby's press conference: 


Kirby opened the press conference with his thoughts and concerns for the Georgia reporter that was hit on the sideline in the second quarter, followed by his traditional thankfulness for the fans. 

"To come in this place, lose momentum and then go back out and win it showed a lot of resiliency"  - Kirby Smart

Auburn's fourth-quarter surge

"You know they just got hot. We didn't get conservative or anything. Bo (Nix) got some confidence their late." - Kirby Smart

Georgia's two-minute offense

"I don't think our offensive staff gets enough credit for that. We've been good all year in the two-minute drill. And that score before the half was really the difference in the game." - Kirby Smart

Travon Walker 

"We have got o find more ways to play that guy. He's one of our better all-around football players. It's something I've told our guys. We've got to get him on the field even more." - Kirby Smart 

On Jamaree Salyer playing RG instead of Cade Mays & Ben Cleveland

"Yea, Cade (Mays) is beaten up and fighting through it. Ben (Cleveland) is beaten up and wasn't able to practice twice this week. He felt like he could do what he needed in pass-pro, but we felt Jamaree was the best fit at the time." - Kirby Smart 

On the young freshmen playing well

"It always goes back to development. We are big on getting freshmen in here, teach them our system, and the sooner he learns what they have to do and stops worrying about why he's not playing, they are able to get on the field. So many of these guys are hamstrung by somebody at home or some noise they are hearing, but when they focus on just getting better it's amazing what hey can do." - Kirby Smart 

Smart closed the press conference in one of the more intriguing ways in which he's done so this season. When asked what he told his guys after the win... Well, you can listen to the video for yourself. 

P.S. It's worth it. 

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