Lewis Cine Major Key to Georgia's Defensive Success in 2021

Today, we take a look at the most experienced player returning in Georgia's defensive backfield in 2021: Lewis Cine

Thursday, we showed how the inexperience in Georgia’s secondary will change how the Dawgs defense looks this year. Today, we take a look at the most experienced player returning for that unit: Lewis Cine.

Mention Cine to any Georgia fan and the first thing they will mention is how hard he hits. When watching him on film, it is undoubtedly the part of his game that stands out the most. The level of physicality that Cine displays on the field makes him one of the best run defending safeties in the SEC and he will be key in Georgia’s hopes to three-peat as the best run defense in the country.

Physicality may be what Georgia fans think about when they think of Cine, but his speed has been critical to his success. Cine’s ability to get downhill in a hurry is what allows him to deliver the devastating blows that he has become famous for. It also allows him to cover up mistakes he makes. Taking a wrong first step is less of a problem when ground can be covered with the speed Cine brings to the table.

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Cine’s physicality and speed make him an elite run defender, but he needs some more polish in coverage. Georgia lines Cine up in the boundary for almost all of his snaps, and that limits the amount of area that he needs to defend in coverage. This predictability can also make Georgia’s defense easier to attack. Cine has the physical tools to be great in coverage, but his decision-making and ball skills are his limiting factors at this moment in time. Mistakes happen, especially with a first-year starter in the SEC, and Cine should be expected to make large strides during the offseason.

Cine may be the hardest-hitting Georgia safety since Greg Blue, but his speed and his ability to make plays on the ball in the air will be what determines whether or not he plays at the same All-America level.