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Pop Warner Powerhouse: Ep. 1 - Coach Lester Benn

Pop Warner football is played all across the country and every once in a while there are teams that are special. Powerhouses, if you will. This is the story of the Hiram Hornets.

Go to a barbershop or local hole-in-the-wall restaurant in your hometown and ask, "Who’s the greatest Pop Warner football team of all time?" You'll likely hear countless stories about recreation-league teams comprised of soon-to-be stars. 

This is the story of one of those teams. The Hiram Hornets. 

The Hornets are a 9 and 10-year-old Pop Warner squad that produced six Division I football players, four of which—Myles "MJ" Morris, Smael Mondon, Jayden Thomas, and Miles Campbell—will soon be household names for Power 5 fanbases all across the country. 

Episode 1 begins with the mastermind behind it all, Coach Lester Benn. Find out how this man reshaped a youth football team that just couldn't quite utilize the talent that was available. 

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In this episode, we lay the groundwork for a five-part docuseries about the four players who would grow up to be some of the most talented the Peach State has to offer. Lester Benn takes you back to the moment he was approached about coaching the team, how he identified talents that may have been overlooked, and how he ultimately put together one of the best youth football teams the state of Georgia ever has seen. 

This is Pop Warner Powerhouse: The Hiram Hornets. 

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