Reports: Texas and Oklahoma Have Planned Move for Six Months

The college football world was taken by storm Wednesday when news broke that Texas and Oklahoma were planning a move to the SEC.

It is extremely hard to keep secrets in the sporting world nowadays. There are far too many great reporters, leaky faucets, and money invested in breaking news for things to stay under wraps for too long. 

So, when the news broke Wednesday that both Texas and Oklahoma were planning a move to the SEC, it shut the SEC Media Days down, sending reporters into a hectic frenzy. 

Yet, reports have surfaced today that both schools have been planning their departure from the Big 12 for over six months, making this story the best-kept secret in recent memory. 

And according to reports surfacing Friday morning, this is not only all but done, the transition is set to begin next week. 

With 11 of 14 schools within the SEC needing to approve the addition of both Texas and Oklahoma, there's really only one school that seems to object, and it's not hard to guess who that would be. 

Texas A&M athletics director Ross Bjork has publicly stated that he wants the Aggies to remain the only SEC school in the state of Texas, and it's looking like his wishes will fall on deaf ears. 

The question now becomes how will realignment within the conference take place? With two additional schools, there will have to be some divisional changes. 

Auburn seems to be a shoe-in to move to the SEC East, but there will have to be at least one more program moving to the division in order for things to be evenly matched. The other school that comes to mind is Alabama, which would essentially gift the SEC West to the newcomer in Oklahoma for the foreseeable future and turn the SEC East into a murderer's row with Alabama and Georgia on one side of things. 

This story seems to develop more each passing moment, so stay tuned here on Dawgs Daily for the latest details.