Georgia vs Auburn: Who Are the Tigers?

Brooks Austin

As the 12th team in the latest CFP rankings and ostensibly zero chance of making the SEC Championship Game, the Auburn Tigers look to play spoiler. 

With two of their final three games coming against the 4th & 5th ranked Georgia Bulldogs and Crimson Tide. Auburn's two most hated rivals, both in "win out" mode. 

With a dynamic, fast-paced offense paired with a defense loaded with NFL Sunday talent, we look to answer the question "Who are the Auburn Tigers?"


In his head coaching career, dating back to 2012 with Arkansas State, Gus Malzahn offenses have averaged 33.26 PPG. With or without stability at the quarterback position, Malzahn has a knack for scoring. 

This year's offense is no juggernaut, à la LSU, but they are 2nd in the conference in rushing yards per game with 219.8. Georgia's rush defense is phenomenal, but this will be there biggest test yet. 

Not to mention, Auburn has surrounded freshman quarterback Bo Nix with enough speed to compete in the 4X100 at the SEC Track championships this season. They have five different players with an explosive play of 50 yards or more. 

Auburn's Nick Coe and Derrick Brown 


Auburn runs a 3-4, so you will see just three down-linemen on Saturday, and what a three they are. It's a group that has returned to Auburn for a purpose. Despite receiving first-round draft projections, Derrick Brown returned for his senior season to lead this Auburn group and most importantly, to him, complete his marketing degree. Brown is joined by Marlon Davidson and junior Tyron Truesdell. Nick Coe will rotate in at all three d-line positions. 

Georgia will also see a heavy dose of #1 Big Kat Bryant who will line-up all over the field for Kevin Steele's defense. 

Georgia's offensive line will have their hands full, but they managed this same group fairly well in 2018, as the Dawgs rushed for 306 yards in a 27-10 win in Athens.

Auburn's defense is predicated upon speed everywhere else, so much so that they often tend to play 5 or 6 DBs on any given play. They have one thumping linebacker in K.J. Britt, but outside of that, it's guys that play with athleticism first. 

One thing you can say about Gus Malzahn's Auburn squad, they have an identity. 


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Come on. Georgia is a great team that deserves these victories. They show themselves very well this season. Yes, it may seem like a joke, but in reality, it is not a joke. Really good jokes can be found, and Georgia play like pirates, tearing every goal from the hands of the enemy. Great season for Georgia.