An Updated Look at The 2020 Class

Brooks Austin

Mikhail Sherman, OLB St. Johns College HS (Washington, DC) 

A week ago today, Kirby Smart and staff received the news that 5-star outside linebacker Mikhail Sherman would be chosing UGA over the much closer, Ohio State.

The Maryland native, by way of St. Johns College High School. Sherman is the #2 OLB in the country, and the 11th player overall. He stands 6'3", 235 pounds and plays both outside linebacker, and has shown the ability to rush the passer from the edge position. 

For such a highly rated prospect, the recruiting process was rather mild for Sherman. He only took two visits. UGA & Ohio State. 

Broderick Jones, OT Lithonia HS (Lithonia, Ga.) 

All you can see when looking at Broderick is raw. Raw strength. Raw size. And most importantly, raw athleticism. Jones has dominated high school football at multiple positions. Primarily defensive end & offensive tackle. He's got a lot of technical work to do, but by god is he powerful. 

With the likes of Andrew Thomas, Solomon Kindley, Isaiah Wilson, and even Ben Cleveland all potentially leaving for the NFL after this season, it's refreshing to see offensive line coach, Sam Pittman getting his next crop of great Dawg linemen. 

Tate Ratledge, OT Darlington School (Rome, Ga) 

It's always great to keep a kid from Georgia in the state and in Red & Black, but we'd all be lying if we didn't say it felt sooooooo much sweeter to steal Ratledge from Tennessee. 

Not that Coach Pruitt and staff are close to the level of UGA yet, but rubbing it in is always nice. Especially when we heard as much as we did about Ratledge's dad and family being Tennessee fans. Not anymore!

Carson Beck, QB Mandarin HS (Jacksonville, Fla) 

Carson Beck has been attending University of Georgia football camps for quite a while but never seemed to receive that beloved offer he so coveted. That was until he took his Mandarin high school football team to the Florida state championship in 8A last year. 

That offer finally came on February 27th of this year, he was at Junior Day on March 2nd, and was committed to the Dawgs March 3rd. 

The best news for Bulldog fans? Scouts have gone on to praise Beck saying he's a combination of "Jake Fromm up top with Matt Stafford's arm."  Those are some damn good dawgs. 

Jalen Kimber

Jalen Kimber, CB Mansfield Timberview HS (Arlington, Tx) 

Some players just look like Georgia Bulldogs. Jalen Kimber is a bulldog corner down to the last stitch. He's long, he's physical, and he plays with an edge about him. 

Not to mention, he tested as well as anybody in the combine events around the country. Posting a 4.47 forty as a high school junior and a 4.00 short shuttle which is elite short area quickness. And how's a 41" vertical sound? 


Nazir Stackhouse, DT Columbia HS (Deactur, Ga) 

There are countless reasons to attend the University of Georgia to play football. Whether it's the coaching staff, facilities, academics, the SEC, or any of the other contributing factors. For Nazir Stackhouse, the decision to attend UGA was a simple one. 

In Stackhouse's words “It is just 45 minutes away from where I live so I would like to be closer to my family. I have a lot of friends and family here. They will be very happy if I go to Georgia."

He continues on to say that it wasn't just about making family and friends happy. He feels attending UGA will best prepare him for life. 

Jamil Burroughs

Jamil Burroughs, DT McEachern HS (Powder Springs, Ga) 

If Nazir Stackhouse classifies as a big high schooler, Mr. Burroughs classifies as XL. Measuring in at 6'2" 330 pounds, this young man is surprisingly twitchy for his size. 

In fact, despite the typical assumption of "oh he must be an interior lineman", (wrong) He played a ton of defensive end for McEachern. 

And the Dawgs finally beat the Crimson Tide in something football related, Burroughs second choice is Alabama. 


Akinola Ogunbiyi, OG Kempner HS (Sugar Land, Tx) 

Coach Pittman has put eight offensive linemen in the NFL since 2013, and that number is set to skyrocket within the next couple of seasons. With Ogunbiyi joining 5-star Broderick Jones and Tate Ratledge in the 2020 class, the Dawgs continue to reload. 

What an extremely fluid athlete Ogunbiyi is for being 6'4 325 pounds in high school. Rarely is that weight ever carried well by a 17-year old, Akinola defies those stereotypes. 

Justin Elca

Justin Robinson, WR Eagles Landing Christian (McDonough, Ga) 

At 6'4, calling Justin Robinson a big bodied receiver would be an understatement. He's got the straight line speed required to win consistently at the SEC level, the only thing left is developing the short area movement skills. 

Georgia fans should love the upside of this young man, and even if he doesn't become the next A.J. Green, he will be a productive asset the UGA offense for years to come. 

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