Georgia '20 Commit Jalen Kimber (DB) Highlights and Evaluation

Matt Solorio

Jalen Kimber is a 6 foot 170 pound defensive back from Mansfield Timberview HS out of Arlington, TX. He's been touring around top camps and combines, seeking out the best, so he can show everybody why he's even better.

Jalen's tape shows his consistently sticky coverage and disciplined eyes. Twice on his tape, you see him pull off a receiver who's route he shut down, because another receiver has drifted a little too close to their teammate. Then he breaks to cut under the throw and make the interception.  

Not only does this require instincts and quickness, but it shows me that his eyes are well trained. He feels out where the primary receiver is with his hands and peripherals, yet has his eyes on the rest of the play. 

This is very mature play from the young defensive back, and will pay dividends down the road. Kimber also flashes excellent tackling ability at 170 pounds. He played up on the LOS for much of the film and did a great job by anybody's standards of protecting the flat.

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Look at that <strong>Wattage</strong> baby (via Twitter @@J_BOOGIE_5)

Kimber also ran a very impressive 4.02 shuttle at the opening, convincing me further that his man coverage is no joke. Kimber is an intelligent player, and when you combine that with the physical skills he possesses, you make a complete football player. 

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Georgia now has the 5th ranked 2020 class in the nation, 3rd in the SEC behind Bama and LSU. Other Notable Georgia commits include 5-stars OLB Mekhail Sherman and OT Broderick Jones. Georgia is holding their own in recruiting, and giving themselves a real chance at competing now and in the future against the powers at be...

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Brent Wilson
Brent Wilson

Crazy to think with all of the talent in the secondary, UGA is likely to snag TWO top 5 CBs. Insane job by the staff.

Kimber will likely RS frosh year, but if he can tack on some muscle, he’s going to be hell on wheels.

Great article and great points!