Kamar Wilcoxson: 2021 Florida Commit Talks SEC and Visit to Georgia

Blayne Gilmer

Fifteen years old. Most kids are just worrying about learning how to drive or getting off braces, things of that nature. Kamar Wilcoxson was committing to play football for a storied SEC football program in the University of Florida. Wilcoxson is a 4-Star Athlete that originally attended Stephenson High School in Stone Mountain, Georgia before he made a "business decision" to move down to IMG Academy. Kamar joined Brooks Austin on SEC Nightly to discuss his recruitment.

Q: What went into the decision to transfer from Stephenson High School to IMG Academy?

"Me, when I go to school, I'm not going to sit behind nobody. I'm trying to go in and play as a true Freshman. So I came down here to prepare myself and everything. That's what I've been doing so far and coaches have been noticing it."

Q: How firm is your commitment to the Flordia Gators as we sit today?

"I mean, if I sign tomorrow, that's where I'll be. I'm solid with it, but I feel like listening to everybody else to make the best decision for me."

Kamar went on to share that yesterday he was re-offered by Nick Saban and Alabama, and that literally less than an hour before his appearance on SEC Nightly, he was offered by Miami.

Q: Fresh off the visit to Athens, what was it like getting to know that staff there at the Univerisity of Georgia and what were some of your takeaways from that visit last weekend?

"It was cool. I've been up there a couple of times, but that was my first time up there for a real visit. Talked to the coaches and stuff, it was my first time talking to Coach Smart in person. He was a cool dude. I talked to Coach Warren, because, I mean Coach Warren was the coach I originally committed to at Florida. So that's my guy!"

Q: So you like Charlton Warren a lot?

"Yeah, that's my dawg!"

Q: You've had a long relationship with Coach Warren, how long have you been in contact with him, even dating back to his time at Florida?

"Since I was a Freshman. I rock with him so much, because he was the first coach to believe in me. That was my first offer."

Q: On his interaction with Jordan Hancock and Brock Vandagriff in Athens and on Twitter.

"It's actually crazy! Because Brock has been my dog since middle school. So we've been saying we wanted to play college ball together for a minute. Then when he committed to Oklahoma, I was like I don't know about that one. Then he decommitted, committed to Georgia and talked to me about it. So I was like, I'm gonna see."

Host Brooks Austin alluded that playing corner out in the Big 12 may not be the easiest thing to do with the style of offenses, but Kamar Wilcoxson quickly interjected and put any of those thoughts away quickly.

"I'm too physical to play anywhere outside the SEC! That's where I'm going! That's one thing I can say is that I am going to play in the SEC."

Kamar went on the say, "I'm a physical player. That's what type of football I play. The Big 12 is cute. The ACC it's alright, the Big Ten it's alright. But, the SEC, that's smashmouth football

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