Indiana AD Scott Dolson Talks IU Basketball with AJ Guyton

Indiana Athletic Director Scott Dolson shared his thoughts on Indiana basketball and the fan base when he joined AJ Guyton's House of Hoosier Podcast on Tuesday afternoon.
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BLOOMINGTON, Ind. — Indiana Athletic Director Scott Dolson joined AJ Guyton on the House of Hoosier Podcast on Tuesday afternoon to discuss his ascendance to athletic director and how it's been during his first year.

Of course, the two talked about Indiana basketball as well, who have a big game at Michigan State on Tuesday night.

Below is what Dolson had to say about Indiana basketball:

"I would say to our fans to keep that passion going because what I worry about to be honest with you, is I want people to care and be upset when we lose and be frustrated. They want greatness because that's what I want, you want, what we wall want. But at the same time, we are dealing with 18 to 22 year-old-kids, and sometimes I do worry at times that it's easy to forget that. They're young people and they are growing and they will make mistakes. They're human, and social media sometimes makes people numb to what happens out there and you know, you never want the negativity to be a bad reflection on our university. 

But at the same time we still want that passion because it's our greatest strength and sometimes can be our greatest weakness. From my perspective, I think it's important for the fans to understand that I want the same things they do. I want it all. I want it academically, I want our kids to have the support and develop in every way, shape and form from a personal standpoint, and then I want to win. I talk about winning, and I want to win in everything, including basketball, but in everything. 

So, we'll continue to work at it and continue to draw what we can, you know I've got the same high expectations everybody does. I think that's sometimes what the challenge is that when there is frustration, people think, 'Do they care? Is winning important?' And it is, but at the same time, there's a process and we got to make sure we do all the things the right way to ultimately get to where we wanna go."

You can listen to Guyton's full podcast with Dolson HERE.

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