Sports Illustrated's 150 greatest college football photos

Tom Brew

There are many, many plusses to launching this Indiana sports site with the Sports Illustrated/Maven brand, and one of them is having access to the amazing collection of photos that have run in the magazine and online through the years.

To celebrate college football's 150-year anniversary. the magazine put together a package of 150 photos that will be back a ton of great memories. Check them out right here.

But be prepared, Indiana fans. There is nary a single shot of an IU football game. There's plenty of Michigan and Ohio State, of course, often against each other, and there's the occasional shot of Penn State, Nebraska, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Northwestern, Michigan State ... and even Purdue.

Oh, well. It's still worth looking at all these beautiful photos. That probably has something to do with Indiana losing 679 games in the past 130 years, more than any program in America.