Coach Klieman is finally bowl eligible.

For the first time ever Klieman will be coaching in an FBS Bowl Game.
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Okay, this is kind of a joke because every Wildcat fan knows that Coach has won multiple postseason championships at North Dakota State in the FCS level. In his first season with the Cats he will make his first coaching appearance in a bowl game.

Where will the Cats go? Nobody knows for sure. Could be Texas or Florida or even Tennessee, either way the Cats will have been off almost a month before they play their bowl game. In the past with the FCS games you play a week or 2 after your last game and then play every week until you are eliminated or win the entire thing. 

I know most of the veterans on the team will get some rest before going back to practice. I believe in Klieman and wherever we go I know the Cats wkll have siccess.