Look - I have no idea what's going to happen this season. We could win 8 games or 2 games.

But - I continue to be baffled at how near unanimous the sentiment is that we're going to be KU bad. I'm not offended, per se....but...perplexed.

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I'd be happy with 7 wins, though I don't think 8 is out of the realm. Agree with Mike, I'll take the under on 9.

As an aside, I may be higher on this coaching staff than most. The so-called experts are, of course, reserving their judgment of Coach Klieman, but I'm all in. I think he can certainly return us to the late 90s/early 2000s days of 10+ wins a year. I, for one, think he is currently a better coach than Snyder has been the last few years, and he's already recruiting better than Snyder 2.0 ever did. I've been saying it for years, but K-State has an unrealized brand that I think will play very well to recruits with the increased access to the program.



I think we could have a 6-7 win season. But, I don't know who ahead of us in the media poll you could vote to say we were definitively going to be better than this year. I just think there are too many variables.

That said - sign me up for the under if a 9th place finish is the over/under number (meaning I'd bet we'll be 8th or higher in the Big 12).

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