Special Teams has a phenomenal game from start to finish to propel the Cats to a Victory.

Youngblood, Lynch and Anctil all had a massive effect in a game where the weather was less than sub-par.
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Yesterday during the game the weather was wild. It started with high winds and it was snowing by the time it went final. When you think of bad weather and football you immediately think of special teams being atrocious such as short punts, missed field goals and bad footing during returns. The Wildcats weren't letting any of those things affect how they played and the final result.

When Iowa State kicked off to start the game everyone in the stadium knew they wouldn't put the ball anywhere close to Joshua Youngblood, but the wind had different ideas. Youngblood caught the ball at the KSU 7-yard line and with excellent blocking and open alleys he took it to the house using his next level speed.

Blake Lynch made both of his field goals including a 43-yarder that had a ton of movement before going over the crossbar. He also made all 3 of his extra points. Devin Anctil had 3 excellent punts and one that went off the side of his foot and only went 23 yards. He also had a booming 64 yard punt and averaged 46.8 yards on 4 punts.

Phillip Brooks also had a really great save on special teams when he fell on a shanked punt that hit off of a KSU blockers helmet. Had Iowa State recovered that ball they would've been set up with great field position and momentum could have swung in their favor.