Wildcats in Waiting, 2020: Talor Warner, Offensive Linemen, Kansas

Kelly Thompson

As we begin our look in to the 2020 recruiting class, we should all be very excited. The class is twelve deep as of this writing, which is the most commitments in the Big 12, and features multiple highly sought after prospects. 

We've spoken briefly about what Warner's commitment means for the Cats moving forward. 

Warner was clearly waiting on the offer from Kansas State. Very quickly after receiving it at the beginning of the summer, Talor committed:

We at the Maven were fortunate to speak with Talor about the recruitment process, and Kansas State, recently. 

Throughout his recruitment process, Talor says that Coach Talor Braet (KSU Director of Recruiting) was the first college scout to speak to him at all: "My first interaction with a college scout was after my sophomore football season at Chapman. I started playing about halfway through the season and kind of fell in love with it. Ironically it was actually Kansas State and Coach Braet who gave me my first look."

Talor had multiple other offers including KSU, of those, he says that:"I took several unofficial visits to schools before my decision. Those included a visit to Kansas State, Mizzou, Iowa State, North Dakota State, and I attended KU’s spring game...I received offers from Air Force Academy, Akron, Ball State, North Dakota State, South Dakota State, South Dakota, Illinois State, Eastern Illinois, and Columbia."

Talor indicated that at one point, he did have an opportunity to speak with Coach Snyder prior to his retirement. Of that discussion, Talor has fond memories: "I had the opportunity to speak with Coach Snyder one time. But that conversation had nothing to do with football. It was all about how to be a great person, son, brother, and husband. I will never forget it."

Be wary Cats fans. This next part of my discussion with Talor may be a little tough for you to handle. But never fear - just remember, he made the right choice in the end.

"Unfortunately, I grew up as a KU fan (haha) and what really got on my nerves as a child was Kansas State fans and just how “obnoxious” they could be. What stood out to me in making my decision was those same fans that I viewed as annoying were only showing an incredible amount of love and support toward their team. The idea that the fans would be relentless in there support of me, win or lose, was nothing short of a dream come true. As far as the coaching staff goes it is nothing but love towards them. Coach Braet has stayed yon me since that sophomore year in Chapman. He has followed me through my family’s move to Gardner and has always been there for me regardless of where I was living or where my college interest were at the time. Honestly, he has shown me the most love and concern out of everyone who has recruited me."

A super interesting detail of the 6'4", 265lb prospects recruitment comes in the story of how he was first contacted by new head coach Chris Klieman. Talor says that: 

"I was first contacted by Coach Klieman in late April and it was kind of an interesting situation to say the least. He called me in the middle of Chemistry class and the only reason we were able to continue our conversation was because my chemistry teacher, Mr.Kipp, is a die hard Kansas state fan and alumn. I promised him that if he let me take the call that I would introduce him to Coach Klieman. After our great conversation I asked Coach for the favor and he of course said yes. My teacher was ecstatic. From then on my relationship with Coach Klieman has only grown and every conversation we have had has been amazing. I will never forget the conversation we had right before I committed. It was arguably the best conversation I have had with any coach or recruiter in this process."

Talor had an incredible list of offers. Ultimately, relationships were the key in his commitment to KSU. "I indeed received some pretty amazing opportunities in Air Force and Columbia and many other schools. But what made me choose Kansas State was the relationships I had built with the coaches, the incredible and devoted fans, the great education I will receive, and the top notch facilities."

Talor wants Wildcat fans to know a few things about him before they start seeing him on campus and on the field. He says that "I plan to major in Criminology and possibly a second language...' and also that "One thing that the Kansas State family should know about me is that I am a bit of a nerd. I could talk about quantum physics, conspiracy theories, or books for hours."

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I love when a kid gets the offer from the school he wants and BOOM shuts down his recruitment with a commitment. Rare these days.