Wildcats in Waiting, 2020: Will Swanson, Tight End, Nebraska

Kelly Thompson

As of this writing, Will Swanson is the most recent Wildcat recruit in a class that is making national headlines and vaulting Kansas State in to the top 25 of national recruiting rankings for the class of 2020. 

Swanson continues the profile for recruits in this class - he was highly recruited and loves the family atmosphere at Kansas State University. 

Standing 6'5" and already weighing in at 230lbs - there is little doubt that Swanson will be a matchup nightmare for linebackers and safeties across the Big 12 in the future. 

One of the most encouraging signs about the 2020 recruit is that he already has a significant command over his route running.

Despite his physical skills - Swanson's recruiting came kind of all at once: 

With so much time for improvement and growth (physical and mental) between now and the end of his high school career - Wildcat fans everyone should mark this recruiting win down as something that will reshape the program moving forward. 


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